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  Roger!, Dark Matter: This mellow rock group contrasts their lighter sounds with darker lyrical material to create an alluring mixture of music in their album Dark Matter. A great combination of different talents in making this piece. Taylor Romine - Listen Local SD” - Taylor Romine

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Roger!Dark Matter Many good things have been found on craigslist, and Ernesto Garcia Jr. knows this well. Garcia used the classifieds site to assemble his band, and, for the most part, it paid off. Only one complaint: Candice Campbel-Earnhart is underused. The album's best track, "Dull," features her gloriously smoky voice, but it's buried in the middle.  —T. Loper   EXTRASPECIALGOOD” - T. Loper

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Roger! – Dark Matter – (self released)Wonderfully arranged, dark, and breezy pop. A couple of points to start. Roger! Is a band not a person. Led by San Diego transplant, Texas native Ernesto Garcia Jr. and his acoustic guitar, the combo also includes Josh Cherichetti (guitar), Joel Shedroff (bass), Ryan Shultzaberger (percussion), Candice Earnhart (vocals/guitar/accordion) and Aaron Luke (drums/vocals). This is not revivalist music, but the ’60s – ’80s, Beatles to 10,000 Maniacs, AM Pop to New Wave, echo hard on the ten songs here. What Roger! is about is well-crafted tuneful material with both male and female vocals, from Garcia and Earnhart, at times raw, at times orchestral, with lush arrangements custom fit to each song. Earnhart in particular has a great voice, raw and soulful, full of emotion in every note – the string laden ballad, “Slicktender” is a great showcase for her. The CD opens strong with the melancholy jangle pop rock of “Unpredictable” and doesn’t let up with either hooks or melodies. There are several natural singles, probably topped by the charming, folky “Beautiful,” the intertwined harmony vocals from Garcia and Earnhart adding the right touch to the song to maximize melody. But, it’s hard to pick a favorite. “Creeps Like Me” sounds like it was written by Paul Westerberg while listening to the Beatles’ “Ballad of John and Yoko” – great! This is followed by jaunty ballad “Wasted Days” with twin guitars and layered vocals, meanwhile “Shaky Paper Hands” is a garage/powerpop stomper – the variety on Dark Matter is refreshing. According to their website, Roger! Is working on their sophomore release. I’m already looking forward to it.-Bart Mendoza, San Diego Troubadour, 1/1/14” - Bart Mendoza

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ROGER! The name of the band is, Roger!.  Yes, Roger with an exclamation mark. I felt the need to say that for fear that one of the 3 people who may actually read my blog might think I’m yelling., “Roger!”. So, like I did with the band, Plook, I had to ask how the name, Roger!, came to be the name of this band. I messaged and this was the response from the lead singer of Roger! Ernie Garcia, “Hi. Old cb/trucker lingo. Plus, Wilco is my fav band.” I really think I should have known this too! Duh-me! Roger that, big buddy! Yeah, a tad cheesy of me there. Could not resist! I have not seen Roger! play, yet. Yes, I was waiting to see Roger! prior to writing about them but I couldn’t wait! Roger! is a great band plus their upcoming show at the Tin Can Alehouse on 01/16/2014 seems so far from now. So here we are! LOVING ROGER! I’ve been listening to the 3 songs Roger! has on their Reverbnation account. Even though, there is just 3, I’ve been listening to them over and over and over. Why? Well, because Roger! is epic! They are easily worth listening to over and over and over! I loved both Ernie Garcia and Candice Campbell’s voices solo and together. Ernie’s voice is mid-ranged, mellow and completely perfect for his genre. Candice’s voice strikes me deeply. I think it’s because, to me, her voice is hauntingly beautiful, earthy with a slight rasp that makes me wonder what her laughter sounds like. I suppose it’s the song, “Slicktender”. That song touched me deeply. What I heard in “Slicktender”  were lyrics about a woman living as well as she can, she found love and maybe lost her love but still hopeful that life gets better. That’s what I heard. Those lyrics song by Candice Campbell had tears in my eyes.  Again, that’s just what I am getting out of Slicktender but you may hear something else altogether. Isn’t that how art is? The rest of the band members; AaronLuke, Joel Shedroff and Shultzberger are crazy talented musicians. You’ll hear how well they all work together too because for your pleasure I have included all 3 songs from Roger!’s Reverbnation profile. Roger! is yet another band comprised of hard working and wonderfully talented musicians who really deserve way more respect and recognition than they are. Check them out and hope that Roger! comes to your area. Here is a Bandsintown link for more concert dates for Roger!!?came_from=198 Get out and support your local talent and small businesses and CARPE DIEM!! Peace \m/ xo” - Lorelei Pena

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Roger! and Foreverever at Rosie O’Grady’s 9 p.m. Saturday, March 22 Free Celebrating the release of their sophomore effort, “Wishing for Boredom” Roger! will headline this free show. Their music is reminiscent of ‘90s alternative bands like Soul Asylum with added mellow ambient rock sounds that point to The Beatles as an influence. The juxtaposition of the male and female lead vocals adds dynamic character to their debut record and I’m intrigued to see what the new one brings. Oakland band Foreverever will start this show off — also with an indie-pop style.” - Jen Van Tieghem

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