News/"Beautiful" Story


It's been awhile since our last blog. I hope you are all doing well. I certainly am.

First and foremost, we signed a contract with a small label on the UK called NUB Country Records. They are working on officially releasing our 2 LPs through their channels in the UK soon.I'm pretty excited about it and also stoked that the label is a small staff that consists of musicians!

Secondly, we just recorded a live set for a production company called VV & Yourself at Time Warner studio in Miramar. It felt good and we had fun. We should have footage soon and will keep y'all posted as far as when/where the edited version will air.

Things are happening for Roger! Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Lastly, I've been asked by NUB Records to discuss the lyrical content of the 1st single they will release..."Beautiful." A simple little ditty I started kicking around in my LA days, back in about 2005. I never got around to recording it until about 2007. The lyrics are based on a brief and very torrid relationship I was in around that time. The verses are about her. The chorus lyrics are about what the relationship daughter. Although the relationship was quite challenging and not a very good idea for me, I don't regret it. It ultimately led to the best thing that ever happened to me. My daughter has made me the man I would never have become, otherwise.

So, there ya go. For those of you that never knew what that song was about, now you know.