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So, it's been awhile. I hope this finds you well and happy.

Thank you so much to all of you that helped us out in our last tour, back in May. It's hard to believe that was only 3 months ago. So much has happened since then.

Ashley and I recently moved into a new house that has a kick-ass studio in the garage. It's not the average garage studio, it is completely sound proof, has 3 isolation rooms and a killer control room. I'm looking forward to learning more about recording...

About a month ago, I decided…

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"Candice, etc..." 

Hola. How goes it? I hope you are all doing well. 

It seems like forever ago I saw and/or met some of you. Our Southwest Spring tour was only a few months ago. So much has happened in my life since then! Crazy. I never really got a chance to say thank you so  very much to many friends or family that either let us crash, helped us out with shows and came out to see us! We had so much fun. There's pictures somewhere, I'm sure. Hehe. We're shooting for maybe a summer tour next year. 

On another note…

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New EP/Southwest Spring Tour 

Hello, roger! friends!!!

We hope all is well with you. We thought an update was in order...

We're almost done with a new EP! It's called "Circle of Willis." 3 brand spankin' new tunes for ya! Our CD Release/Tour Kickoff party is on 4/23 in San Diego.

We'll be headed out on our 3rd Annual Southwest Spring Tour as a trio this year, with some good friends sitting in on guitar along the way. Looking forward to good times with old friends and perhaps some new ones!

Please visit our website for more details…

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News/"Beautiful" Story 


It's been awhile since our last blog. I hope you are all doing well. I certainly am.

First and foremost, we signed a contract with a small label on the UK called NUB Country Records. They are working on officially releasing our 2 LPs through their channels in the UK soon.I'm pretty excited about it and also stoked that the label is a small staff that consists of musicians!

Secondly, we just recorded a live set for a production company called VV & Yourself at Time Warner studio in Miramar. It felt…

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What's up?!?! 


It's been awhile since my last blog. Where do I start?

We finished the record( and had a great release party. Thank so much to those of you that were there!

I booked a tour of the southwest and it unfortunately turned into a solo acoustic tour due to unforeseen happenstance. It turned out to be a good time, anyway. Thanks to all of you that came out to a show, let me crash, got me a show, or got me some blow. Sorry, just kidding. It rhymed. I…

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Happy Holidays from Roger! 

Hello, Roger! friends!

We thought we'd wish you a happy holiday season, as well as fill you in on what's been going on with us. We're just about done tracking for our second LP, "Wishing for Boredom." 12 tracks thus far, and a very collaborative effort. We're hoping to take a break from shows throughout Dec-Jan to mix and master. A tentative release date of 2/25/14 is the goal. Here's the 1st song that's done, minus the mastering...7_and_7_Is_v3.mp3. An awesome cover. "7 & 7 Is" by the 60's punk band…

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Roger! news 8.23.13 

Hello, Roger! fans.

 We had a great time on our mini-tour last weekend. LA and Scottsdale were so much fun. Extra special thanks to Doug Preston and Mister Lucky. Check out their site, great band. We hope to play more shows with them in AZ in the near future.

Also, we're about halfway done tracking our 2nd album, still untitled. Many thanks to Henrique at Studio West for being so accommodating. Aaron will be mixing and mastering it.

On a sad note, Mike has decided to leave the band for personal reasons…

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Roger news 6.2.13 

Hello, Roger! fans!

Just thought we'd give you an update on what we've been up to. Our southwest mini-tour was awesome. Many thanks to everyone who helped and/or let us crash at your pads. Special thanks to David Chavez for all his hard work in Albuquerque.

So, since the tour, we've recorded a few basic tracks at Studio West, in Ranch Bernardo, CA. We've decided to re-record 'Slicktender" and a few other tunes not on "Dark Matter." An EP with these tracks, plus a live track from the tour, is in the works…

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